vApps are a collection of virtual machines and sometimes other vApps that host a multi-tiered application, its policies, and services.  It is used to combine applications with the operating systems they require.  You can setup multiple vApps on your Cloud Service to better customize your networks and control the functionality of it as well!  The steps below will show how you can setup vApps:

  1. Login to your Cloud Dashboard.

  2. From the menu on the right of the Dashboard, locate the 'Content' section and select the green '+' sign to Add a vApp

  3. Once selected, a popup window will appear where you can begin setting up the vApp.  Select the Template you want to use from the list of Voonami provided templates under the "Gold Masters" tab in Public Catalogs or a template in your organization's Public or Private Catalogs, and then hit the 'Next' button.

  4. Once you have selected the Template, you will need to name the vApp.  You can add an optional description to record the purpose for the vApp.   

  5. Next will be an option to Configure your Resources.  Select the Storage Policy you wish to use, then select 'Next.'

  6. The 'Configure Networking' section allows you to select the Computer Name and which Network to assign to it.  You can configure the network(s) your vApp is assigned to later if needed.

  7. Next will be making sure you allocate the resources desired.  Once you have the CUPs, Memory, and Hard Disk usage setup, select 'Next.'

  8. Finally, review the settings you set to make sure everything is accurate, then press the 'Finish' button to complete the setup of your new vApp.

Once the vApp is setup, you will need to power it up to use the services created, which can be done here:


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