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In order to get the most accurate speed test, you'll want to run it on a wired device that connects directly to your router. If you suspect the issue may be with your router, you may also plug a wired device directly into the Utopia Zhone where your router typically is (port GE1) and run a test from there. If running a speed test from a wireless device, be sure that the device is at least a few feet away from your router or access point to avoid any nearfield (NFC) interference and that you are connected to the correct wireless network. 


speedtest.netWe also

recommend that you use the OOKLA Speedtest app on mobile devices to get the most accurate results. The only way to properly test speeds over 200 Mbps is to download the Speedtest App. The app is not as prone to asymmetric results as a web browser (e.g. 921 download, 500 upload).

What Can I Do If I Believe There Is a Problem?