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This table represents the default star codes for the Voonami Hosted VOIP solution.


Star codes are used to control the PBX. You may define your own plan for star codes. However, all codes must have two digits and start with a star. The codes 00 to 60 are reserved for speed dialing.

Making CallsStar Code

VoicemailStar Code

Send Voicemails as Emails(Activate)*95
Call Return*69

Send Voicemails(Deactivate)*96

Go To Voicemail*97

Record New Greeting:*98

Clear Voice Message Indicator:*99
Transferring CallsStar Code

Call CenterStar Code



Agent Login3*64
Call Park:3*85

Agent Logout3*65
Call Park Retrieve:3*86

Call Barge In:1*81
Call Pickup:3*87

Teach Mode:1*82

Listen In:1*83

ACD Outbound calling*55
Call ForwardingStar Code

CellphoneStar Code
Hot Desking:*70

Call cell phone of the extension:1*00
Call Forward All (Activate):2*71

Retrieve call from cell phone:*51
Call Forward All (Deactivate):*72

Move current call to cellphone:*52
Call Forward Busy (Activate):2*73

Call Forward Busy (Deactivate):*74

Call Forward No Answer (Activate):2*75

Call Forward No Answer (Deactivate):*76

Set night mode for domain accounts:*80

DND (Activate):*78

DND (Deactivate):*79

RecordingStar Code

MiscellaneousStar Code
Listen to automatic recordings*58


Show account balance:*61

Wakeup call:*62

Customer Originated Trace:*63

Clean up an extension:*84

Add White List:*91

Add Black List:*92
   Room Cleaned:*57

Room Cleaned:*57
Anonymous CallsStar Code

Block CID outbound (Activate):*672

Block CID outbound (Deactivate):*682

Block Anonymous Calls (Activate):*88

Block Anonymous Calls (Deactivate):*89

1 An extension number is required after these star codes.
2 A destination number (e.g. an external number) is required after these codes.
3 The argument is optional for these star codes.
4 These codes are used during a conversation; the tones are audible and can be heard by your connected party.