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When designing a website, you may find that due to updates, design flaws, or any other reason, you may not be able to access your WordPress editor, but instead see a blank screen or other issue.  This may be caused by an error with your site's Theme.  In order to gain access again to your site, you will need to change the Theme.  But how?  All you need are your cPanel login credentials and a knowledge of the new theme to use and you can have that Theme updated in no time!  Here is how:



  1. Login to your cPanel account.




     2.  If you need to know what other installed Themes you have, you will need to go to the 'File Manager' section of your cPanel, and select the web root (public_html) directory.





     3.  Navigate to the directory your WordPress site is kept and double click on the 'wp-content' folder to proceed into that directory. 





    4.  Once there, you will need to double click on the 'Themes' folder to open that directory's content.






     5.  From the 'Themes' folder, you will be able to see a list of each installed Theme you have associated with your site.  Remember to write down the name of one of those themes that will be used later.





         6.  Go back to cPanel and scroll down your cPanel home page until you locate the 'Databases' section, and from there, select the 'PHPMyAdmin' icon.








     7.  Once inside phpMyAdmin, you will want to select the database that your WordPress site is using that you need to change the theme to.  Once the Database has been selected, scroll down the left side of the screen and then choose the 'wp_options' table.







     8.  Once the 'wp_options' table loads, to the right above the table contents will be a page directory listing with a dropdown menu.  Select the dropdown menu and navigate to page 2. 





     9.  From Page 2, scroll down until you find two lines that will say 'Template' and 'Stylesheet' under the 'option_name' column.  They should be around lines 36-46.  These lines control what Theme is active on  your website.  We will need to edit both of these lines to include the new Theme you wish to use.  









     10.  When you select 'Edit' for each line, you will be taken to the following screen:  Simply change the Theme name in the large window in the middle to the new Theme and then press 'Go' to save the changes.  Remember to make this same change to both lines!






     11.  After making the changes, go to your website again and you should now be able to see your site with the new Theme in place.





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