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Sometimes there is a need to password protect a WordPress page, be it for a members only type of site, for access only to those that have paid to have it, such as for a downloadable file, or even just because you want to keep that certain post restricted, etc. 

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard. 



    2.  From the Dashboard toolbar to the left, move your mouse over the 'Pages' section (or 'Posts' if you are protecting a post) then select 'All Pages' from the submenu ('All Posts' for Posts.) 






     3.  From the 'Pages' menu, scroll to the page you need to  protect and select 'Edit.'





     4.  To the right of the editor will be a 'Publish' section.  Locate and select the 'Edit' hyperlink from the Visibility section.





     5.  Once selected, you will then click on the 'Password Protected' radial, then enter the password you wish to use for that page.   Once everything is spelled correctly, select the 'Update' button to save the changes. 




     6.  You can now open a new tab and go to your website.  After selecting the page you just protected, you should see a page similar to the following to ensure that it worked!






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