When your Voonami Cloud Portal is configured, a local Organization Administrator account is created for you.

This account provides permissions to administer your:

  • Users and Groups
  • Virtual Datacenter
  • Org Networks
  • Edge Gateway (firewall and NAT rules)
  • etc

If you would like to connect external accounts to your Organization, you can configure the SAML service (Security Assertion Markup Language).

A mutual trust will need to be established which will exchange SAML metadata between your Voonami Org and your external SAML identity provider.


  • Verify that you have access to an OpenAM or Active Directory Federation Services SAML identity provider.

  • Verify that you have updated your system with the JCE unlimited strength jurisdiction policy files.

  • Obtain an XML file with the following metadata from your SAML identity provider.

    • The location of the single sign-on service

    • The location of the single logout service

    • The location of the service's X.509 certificate

    For information on configuring and acquiring metadata from an OpenAM or Active Directory Federation Services SAML provider, consult the documentation for your SAML provider.

Configure the SAML Identity Provider

  1. Download Identity Provider metadata XML file from the Identity Provider.
  2. In the cloud, navigate to Administration > Settings > Federation.
  3. Select the Use SAML Identity Provider option. 
  4. Upload the IDP XML file.
  5. In the same page, regenerate the certificate and click Apply.
  6. Download the certificate from the URL: 


  7. Log out from the cloud.
  8. Log into the cloud and change the URL that directs to the local authentication: 


  9. Navigate to Administration > Members > Users (or Groups).
  10. Import Users (or Groups) by clicking the arrow icon.
  11. Change the source to SAML and type the user names or group names.