An OVF (Open Virtualization Format) is an open, secure, portable, efficient, and flexible format for the packaging and distribution of one or more virtual machines. An OVF usually contains several files that includes a descriptor file with .ovf extension, virtual disk file(s) with .vmdk extension and manifest file with .mf extension. The OVF format is a DMTF standard and it is also supported on other platforms besides VMware that provides support for the OVF format.

An OVA (Open Virtual Appliance) is a single tar archive file that contains the contents of an OVF. An OVA can be thought of like a container which compresses the contents of the OVF for ease of distribution. 

You can upload either an OVF or OVA into your Voonami Cloud Organizational Catalog.

  1. Select My Cloud > vApps > Add vApp from OVF...

If you see a pop-up for Client Integration Access Control, be sure to select Allow

      2. Select Browse and find your OVF/OVA file

      3. Enter a Name

      4. Enter a Description if desired

      5. Accept the Virtual Datacenter

      6. Accept the Storage Policy

      7. Enter the Computer Name

      8. Select the Network for this VM

      9. Select the CPU, Memory, and Hard drive values you desire

      10. Select Finish to create you new VM