An ISO in regards to your Cloud Services, is an archived file(s) of an optical disc.  This disc is composed of the files and systems used to boot and run those files.  ISO image files usually have a file extension of .iso.  ISOs can be created from optical disks by disk imaging software, or from a different disk image file via conversion.  Software distributed through ISOs can be downloaded, or booted virtually, and behave as if you were using a physical CD or DVD.  While most commonly used as installation disks, as ISOs are read-only, they can be used to upload programs, and other types of media.  Here is how they can be uploaded:

  1. Login to your Cloud Portal.
  2. From your Cloud Dashboard, select either the 'Catalogs' tab on the top left of your screen, or the 'Manage Catalogs' link to the right, below the 'Content' section.


   3. Select the Catalog you need to upload the ISO to on the left side of your screen.


   4. Once the Catalog is selected, choose the 'Media & Other' tab in the main section of your screen, then click on the upload icon to the far left.

   5. From the Upload menu, either paste the URL, or select the 'Browse' option to locate the file(s) you wish to upload to your Catalog.  You can chose to add a description to help keep things better organized as well if you want.  Once you have everything in order, select the 'Upload' button on the bottom right hand of the screen to begin the uploading process.



6. Once completed, you will see the file you uploaded in place within your catalog.