Creating snapshots can provide a useful image of the machine state prior to performing an upgrade, or large portions of maintenance that have a risk of data corruption. The snapshot allows you to image the machine in its current state, and revert to this image and state if there are any issues.

Snapshots should not be used as a form of a long term backup solution.

Snapshots should be removed in a timely manner.

Snapshots can reduce the performance of a virtual machine over time.

If your machine is powered down and the process to remove the snapshot has been started, the process must complete before the machine can be powered back on.

This process can take a long time and it will depend on how old the snapshot is and how much data has changed since the snapshot was taken.

Please take this into consideration prior to starting this process. In extreme cases, this process can take multiple hours to complete.

  1. Login to your Cloud Dashboard.
  2. To capture the SnapShot, locate the vApp you want to copy, and right click on the vApp and select 'Create Snapshot' from the options.

3.  A popup will appear where you will want to take note of a few things:  

  • This will replace any previous snapshot made, and you will have the option to select additional option of taking a Shapshot of the memory of the Virtual Machines, along with the guest file systems.
  • Once you are ready to make the Snapshot, select the 'OK' button to complete the Snapshot.  
  • The option to 'Quiesce guest file systems' will flush any write commands queued to the machine in order to help the machine achieve a consistent state prior to the Snapshot taking place.  
  • This in turn may cause IO spikes or can be service impacting is you have persistent write setup on the disk. 

You can only have one active Snapshot per VM at a time.  When you have an active Snapshot on your machine, you must preserve the machine's hardware profile.  

Meaning you cannot expand or shrink storage limits, add new vNICs, etc.  

If you need to change these resource limits, you will need to first remove the snapshot, then take a new one upon completion.