When a Microsoft SQL Server license is purchased from Voonami, the installation media will be made available through a shared catalog in the Cloud Portal. This catalog will contain all versions of Microsoft SQL SQL server so it is the responsibility of the client to install using the correct version that was purchased. By default, the client is responsible for the setup and configuration of their SQL server environment. If you wish to have Voonami staff to help build and maintain your SQL environment, please contact us for more details. The media is made available using the vCloud Public Catalogs.

Use the following steps to access the media.

  1. Login to the vCloud Portal - Login to Cloud Portal

  2. Select the Catalogs tab

  3. Select the Public Catalogs tab on the left hand side

  4. Select the SQL Server Catalog in the list

  5. Select the Media & Other tab

  6. Right click on the version of Microsoft SQL Server you want to access and select Copy to Catalog

  7. Select your Organization Catalog as the destination