With Voonami's Cloud Services, we offer you the ability to create your own Virtual Data Center. Within minutes, you can create and customize your own virtual servers located in our world-class data centers. We provide you secure portal access with which you can add, remove, manage, and re-allocate resources.  Logging in is the first step to being able to work in the Cloud.  Follow these simple instructions to get started!

  1. After logging into your Support Portal, expand 'Client Profile' to list the sub-menu, then select 'View Profile.' 

   2. From the 'View Profile' section, locate the section labeled 'Custom Data' and you will see your Cloud URL.

**Note, You will want to bookmark or save this link so you can simply go back to your login later.  Otherwise, you will need to keep coming back to your Support Portal to locate the url prior to logging in.**

   3. After going to the Cloud Login url, you will need to enter your username and password, then select the 'Login' button to then be taken to the main Cloud Dashboard.

Forget your login information?  

Feel free to contact our Support Team and we will be happy to help reset your password so you can login.