While it may be a pain to juggle the ever increasing need for multiple passwords online, it is a great practice to update your login information on occasion to keep your Dashboard secure.  Resetting your user's Password is a piece of cake though, so you can quickly get in, reset the password, and get back to other time consuming ventures!

  1. Login to your site's WordPress Dashboard.

      2.  Scroll down the Dashboard until you reach the 'Users' section.  From there, select the 'All Users' option from the sub-menu.  

     3.  From the 'Users' menu, locate the username for the password you wish to reset, move your mouse over it, then select the 'Edit' link that will appear below.

     4.  Scroll down the editor and towards the bottom will be the section to create your new password.  Enter the new password you wish to use, keeping in mind that a strong password is best, and then once that has been typed twice successfully, select the 'Update Profile' button below to save the changes.