In order to download a VM you must first add the vApp that the VM resides in to your catalog.

All VMs within the vApp will be included.

  1. Follow the instructions for creating Catalog Templates to upload your vApp to your catalog
  2. Select Catalogs > vApp Templates and right-click on the template you wish to download
  3. Select Download
  4. Enter a Name
  5. Select a Destination
  6. Select the format (OVF or OVA)
  7. Enter a Description if desired
  8. Select Preserve Identity if needed (creates an exact clone with unique IDs, MAC addresses, etc)

The download occurs in two stages.

The first stage is Enabling the download. This can be seen on the vApps Templates page.

It may take a considerable amount of time for this stage to complete.


A pop-up window will appear displaying the download progress, but it will display 0% until after the enabling stage is complete.

This is the second stage of the download process which can also take a considerable amount of time.

If your Transfer Progress displays that the process Failed, you can restart the download within 60 minutes without requiring the first Enabling stage to be performed again.

You can check your destination location and verify that the copy process has begun.

If you selected OVF, you will find a folder with the name you provided and individual files that comprise your virtual machine

If you selected OVA, the VM files are packaged into a single archive file.

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