During time you have service(s) with us, odds are you will need to reach out to us at some point.  Be it for an error you see, forgetting where something is in your account, or if you simply need to have something clarified we are here to help!  One of the most effective ways to get in touch with us is through a Support Ticket.  Here is how to get a ticket submitted:

  1. Once you have logged into your Support Portal, locate the Menu on the left hand side of the screen.  From there, select the '+' sign to the left of the 'Support' option to pull down a sub-menu.  The second option of that sub-menu reads 'Submit New Ticket' 

     2.  Once you select the 'Submit New Ticket' option, a popup window will appear where you can fill out your request.  

                                                           A) - Lets you CC another person so they too can receive your ticket request.

                                                           B) - Enter the topic of what you are writing in about.

                                                           C) - In the Body of the Ticket request, provide as much information about you can including exact error

                                                                       messages, screen shots, logs, ect. that can help our support team quickly and effectively asses

                                                                       the issue and provide a complete response back to you regarding the nature of your inquiry.

                                                           D) - By selecting 'Yes' a flag will be added to your ticket informing our Support team that the request is urgent.

                                                           E) - If the issue you are writing in about involves your device(s) with us, select that particular device from the

                                                                       dropdown menu.

                                                           F) - If the issue you are writing in about involves your service(s) with us, select that particular service from the

                                                                       dropdown menu.

                                                           G) - Add any attachments, documents, screen shots, ect to the request if applicable.

     3.  Once you have filled out all information you can, press  the 'Send' button located on the bottom right hand side of the window to submit the ticket to our Support team.