What is Content Filtering?

Content filtering works by utilizing software, hardware or alternative methods to establish rules about the types of sites and content that may be viewed by a user or device. It achieves this by grouping content based on keywords–such as adult, gambling, or drugs–and blocks access to any content that matches the criteria. 

Keeping objectionable content away from children is one of the more common use cases for content filtering, but it is also utilized by businesses to maintain a safe and productive work environment. 

How do I get a Content Filter?

In accordance with Utah Legislation S.B. 134, Voonami has compiled a list of different filtering methods. These are services offered by third-party entities that strive to provide effective content filtering solutions.

Voonami does not directly provide or prefer any specific method of content filtering. It may require multiple technologies in a layered approach to obtain the level of protection that you desire.

Filtering Options


The most common form of a filter. This is typically an application that is installed directly on your computer or mobile device that monitors all traffic coming in and out of the device.


A physical device installed to monitor all traffic on the network - typically done with a router/modem/firewall.


Each device that connects to the internet uses DNS servers to look up the names associated with websites. This is a lightweight solution that doesn't require you to own special hardware or install software on your devices.

Internet Proxy

Each device within the home needs to be configured to send its traffic through the proxy service, allowing it to make decisions on what content is allowed.


Configure each device with VPN software to route traffic through a service that can evaluate all traffic and determine what types of content are allowed.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions, please let us know and we will work with you to answer your questions and find an appropriate solution that fits your needs.