Proper resource management is key to maintaining positive growth in a business, or personal venture.  While Voonami's Cloud Services are an amazing resource towards accomplishing many objectives, it is also key to track how much data is being used.  Getting your Full Report of your Cloud Usage is simple, but very important as the data it provides can be a great tool in understanding the resources used from day to day.

To view your report:

  1. Once you have logged into your Support Portal, locate the Menu on the left hand side of the screen.  From there, select the '+' sign to the left of the 'Billing & Services' option to pull down a sub-menu.  The second option of that sub-menu reads 'View Services.'

     2.  Once your list of services loads, locate the Service titled 'Cloud Services.'  From there, you can select either the 'Cloud Services' link to the left, or the 'Details' link to the right to proceed to the next screen.

     3.  The screen that loads will shows details about your Cloud Services.  To view the data Report, locate the section on the bottom right side of the page, titled 'vCloud + vCenter Chargeback' and a blue hyperlink labeled 'View Full Report' will be displayed towards the top of that section.  


     4.  The following popup window that appears will provide data of your Cloud usage based on the timeframe for the report you selected in the previous window.  The report keeps track of key points of usage, from CPU, Memory, Disk Usage, Firewall stats, and more, along with the cost of that usage.  If you have questions regarding your usage, feel free to contact or go to and a chat window will open to ask our support team for more information.