Catalogs store vApp templates and media files.

The users of an organization can use these catalog vApp templates and media files to create their own vApps.

Public Catalog

The public catalog is a collection of templates that are maintained by Voonami.

Catalogs > Public Catalogs

This collection includes multiple virtual machine templates that are pre-configured with common resource allocations (Operating System, vCPUs, RAM, and HDD).

These templates are created and tested to ensure that they are fully functional in our Cloud environment. Once the are tested, they are marked as a Gold Master template.

If you do not find a pre-configured Gold Master template you are looking for, you can submit a request or follow the process for building a new VM from scratch and uploading operating system ISO files.

Organization Catalogs

You can create your own Catalog(s) within your Organization which can contain templates of your virtual machines and media files that you have uploaded.

Catalogs > My Organization's Catalogs

If no catalog exists yet:

  1. Select the Add Catalog... icon (green plus sign)
  2. Enter a Name
  3. Enter a Description if desired
  4. Select to Any Storage available
    1. Note: Catalogs consume your allocated storage space
  5. Select Add Members if you wish to restrict access to the catalog
    1. By default, Everyone in your Organization will be able to use this catalog
  6. Select Finish to create your first catalog

Charges Apply

Disk space consumption charges apply for catalog items in your Org Catalog.