You can create your own catalog templates using these steps:

  1. Select My Cloud > vApps
  2. Right-click the desired vApp and select Add to Catalog...
    1. Catalog templates are created from vApps which includes all VMs within the vApp
  3. Select the Catalog
  4. You can update exiting catalog items by selecting the Overwrite check box and selecting the appropriate item to update
  5. Enter a Name
  6. Enter a Description if desired
  7. Select the Storage Lease
    1. The goal of a storage lease is to prevent unused vApps and vApp templates from consuming storage resources beyond their useful life-span.
  8. Select Template type
    1. Select "Make identical copy" if you wish to have a clone of your system for long-term retention
    2. Select "Customize VM settings" if this will be used as a template for additional VMs

Charges Apply

Disk space consumption charges do apply for catalog items in your Org Catalog.

Since templates consume disk space, your Organization must have enough space allocated for the addition of your new template.

You can check your current disk space allocation usage by:

  1. Select Administration > Cloud Resources > Virtual Datacenters
  2. Right-click your vDC name and select Properties
  3. Select the Storage tab
  4. Review the Allocation Used value and verify your current consumption

If your template is not successful due to disk space allocation, please contact your Voonami Account Manager to discuss your options.