vApp networks are localized to the vApp, and the machines in it, and give you the option to choose how that network connects to the rest of your environment, including not connecting at all. To create a vApp network, follow the steps below.

  1.  Login to your cloud portal - Login to Cloud Portal
  2. Navigate to the desired vApp by double clicking the desired vApp.

  3. Then select the Networking tab and click the "+" to add a new network.

  4. Select vApp network and then click next.

  5. Enter the desired network information and static IP pool that you wish to use and click next.

  6. Give your network a name and (optional) description and click next.

  7. Review your information and click finish.

  8. From the vApp Networking page, use the drop down to select which network Org Network your vApp network connects to, if any.

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