Thank you for choosing Voonami's Cloud service. Because we know that your time is extremely valuable, here are a few steps to get you up and running as quickly as possible!

  1. Login to your cloud portal - Login to Cloud Portal

  2. Spin up your machines
    1. If you already have VMs
      1. Create a Catalog - Catalogs
      2. Import your existing VMs - Upload OVF - OVA VM file
      3. Deploy your VMs from your catalog - Creating a new VM
    2. Otherwise, create a new virtual machine
      1. From one of our templates - Creating a new VM
      2. Or from scratch - Build a VM from Scratch

  3. Configure Your Network
    1. Add needed NAT rules - NAT your Public IP to a Private IP in the Cloud Portal
    2. Add needed firewall rules - Firewall Settings in the Cloud Portal

  4. Add any additional users needed
    1. Create new users - Add New Users
    2. Import Users - User Authentication

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