Within your Organization in the Voonami Cloud, you can create additional networks as needed.

The following will serve as a guide for adding a network and then assigning that network to VMs within a vApp.

Create a New Org Network

  • Log into your Org on the Voonami Cloud using your personalized URL - Login to Cloud Portal
  • Select the Administration tab
  • Select your Virtual Datacenter
  • Select the Org VDC Networks tab
  • Select the Green Plus icon to add a new network of one of the following types:
    • Isolated network just for use within the Org
      • Select "Create an isolated network..." and click next.
      • Enter the appropriate Network information you would like for this network. It is recommended to use Private IP space. Below is an example:
        • Gateway address:
        • Network Mask:
        • Primary DNS:
        • Secondary DNS:
        • DNS Suffix: (optional, use if appropriate)
        • Static IP Pool (this is the range of IP that will be assigned to new VMs on the network and should not include the gateway IP address): -
      • Provide a name (required) and description (optional) for the network and click next.
      • Review the information for accuracy and click finish.
    • Routed network that will connect to the internet through your Edge Gateway firewall that has been configured on your Org.
      • Select "Create a routed network..." and select your edge gateway, then click next.
      • The remaining steps are identical to the steps for creating an isolated network.

Add Network to vAPP

  • Select the vApps tab and select the vApp you would like to update
  • Select the Networking tab
    • Select the Green Plus icon to add your new network to this vApp
    • Select Organization VDC Network
    • Select your new network then select Finish

Add Network to Virtual Machine

  • Select the Virtual Machines tab
  • Right-click and select Properties on the virtual machine you would to like to update
  • Select the Hardware tab
  • Scroll down the NICs section and Select the Green Plus Add button
    • Select the Network button and select the new network
    • Select the Adapter Type button and select VMXNET 3
    • Verify that the IP Modes is set to Static - IP Pool
  • Select OK to save the changes


  • Log on to the virtual machine and verify that a new NIC was added and communicating on the network as expected.

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