Network Address Translation (NAT) provides a method to translate a routable public address to a private network. This conversion can be completed in a 1:1 or 1:many relationship. SNAT or Source NAT is the address binding for egress traffic. DNAT or destination NAT is the address binding for ingress traffic. With a port forwarding DNAT, you may create a 1:many relationship. As you create networks, one may find a need to change the network focus from being only a private, or internally operating network, to a public network that has access to the internet, and where others can locate, and subsequently access the network.  This process of network routing involves changes to the network's IP address it resolved to.  Be it private or public, you may change it using the following instruction:

  1. Login to your Cloud Dashboard.

  2. To the right of your dashboard will be a list of links.  Locate the 'Organizations' section and select the 'Manage VDCs' link below.

  3. From the main section of the screen locate the name of the Virtual Datacenter that you want to edit and select it one to highlight it in blue.  After that, the name will become a link you can select, so click on the name again.

  4. On the next screen, select the 'Edge Gateways' tab then right-click your edge or select it (it will be highlighted in blue), then select the gear icon to pull down the options.  Choose 'Edge Gateway Services.'

  5. From 'Configure Services' select the 'NAT' tab, then choose the service you need to change the IP type to, then select the 'Edit' button below. These rules are processed top to bottom, with the first matching rule being the rule used for the connection/traffic being processed. You can rearrange rules by dragging them into the desired order.

  6. From the Edit option, select the dropdown menu for the 'Applied on' section and locate the desired network option.  Add the internal & external IPs and the related ports & protocols as desired. Once selected, press 'OK' on the bottom to save your changes.