Making sure Firewall rules are set and enforced can be a very effective way of helping secure and monitor traffic flow across your Cloud Services.  At times, you may need to add additional rules, or simply edit your existing settings to allow or deny access.  

  1. Login to your Cloud Dashboard.

  2. Select the 'Administration' tab on the top left of your main window, then double-click on your virtual datacenter.

  3. On the next screen, select the 'Edge Gateways' tab then right-click your edge or select it (it will be highlighted in blue), then select the gear icon to pull down the options.  Choose 'Edge Gateway Services.'

  4. From the 'Configure Services' window, select the 'Firewall' tab, then you can set the 'Default action' and you can add or edit rules as needed. Just highlight a rule and then select the 'Edit' button below or simply click add.

  5. From the edit/add window, you can change the IP address/range, name, and even Protocol of the firewall, and select to have all network traffic under the firewall logged to be reviewed later.  The different protocols available are:  TCP, UDP, TCP/UDP, ICMP, or Any.  Upon making the desired corrections/additions, select the 'OK' button to save the changes.